Our unique technology solution activates purpose for people, brands and causes by enabling people to engage more deeply with the causes they care about and support the brands that share their values. By doing so, we enable marketers to create shared moments of purpose through customer-directed giving campaigns, driving loyalty, advocacy and sales by empowering customer choice.


Connect one-to-one with your customers around shared purpose

Gain insight into what your customers are passionate about

Over one million charities and nonprofits to choose from ranging from local schools to global initiatives

Cause set up and payout is 100% managed on your behalf

Scalable & flexible to handle all types of programs

How People-Empowered Giving works

Select causes that align with your brand purpose & specify a donation pool to be claimed by customers

Invite customers to participate by promoting the giving experience through existing marketing channels

Customers redeem contributions by selecting the cause they feel most passionate about

The giving program gets amplified by customers & selected causes via social media



While ordering takeout from our favorite restaurant.



While paying our bills online.



While shopping with our friends.



While taking care of the baby

Sports & Entertainment


While going to the zoo with family

Activating Purpose in People's Everyday Life

Case Studies

A range of products and activations

Check out our solutions that will put Purpose at the heart of every purchase.
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in/PACT has developed and managed fully integrated eCommerce solutions which use our proprietary technology platform to allow online shoppers to select their cause, confirm their contribution, keep track of the contributions made, and share the information with their friends.


As an example of retail activation, in/PACT helped a bookstore chain drive engagement with their customers through a bookmark which includes a special code to direct contributions to the cause or charity of the customer’s choice.

Banner Advertising

To amplify and promote the in/PACT platform, companies can place clickable banners either on their own or on third party websites.


The in/PACT platform is not only entirely mobile-friendly but includes dedicated apps, on both iPhone and Android, that drive direct engagement with customers and allow them to track the impact their purchases are making.


For special promotions or to support on-going programs in/PACT’s platform extends to scratch and reveal cards with a code that directs the customer to a special website.

Cash register receipts

Multi-point retail chains can include a special code on receipts to allow customers to “collect” a percentage of the purchase on behalf of their favorite cause or non-profit.

Consumer products

Branded programs on packaged good products communicate the presence of the in/PACT platform, with activation on a dedicated website through the use of a code.

Point of purchase

Similar to loyalty cards, retail or other businesses with high traffic and regular purchasing patterns can drive greater engagement and conversion through the use of a card-based program that allows customers to keep track of their contributions to their favorite cause at every purchase.

Invoices Mailers

For companies that issue monthly invoices for goods or services, the in/PACT platform provides for branded messaging that will keep the program top of mind and nurture the customer’s on-going interest and engagement.

Impact widget

The Inpact Widget brings years of past good deeds into today, builds on a pledge of future sharing of your growth by giving back, to empower your connection with customers Today.

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